Q: Where is VegCo located?

A: The first VegCo Market will be located in the heart of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area in Central Phoenix, in an area that is easily accessible to all urban and suburban residents.

Q: Does VegCo carry any animal products, such as honey or eggs that are carefully sourced to ensure the animals were treated compassionately?

A: VegCo is an environment completely free of ALL animal products and derivatives. We do not stock meat, seafood, dairy, eggs or honey. None of the items we sell contain any of these ingredients.

Q: What kinds of foods does VegCo sell?

A: We sell an extensive assortment of plant-based foods, including a huge fresh produce section, whole grains and grain products (flours, breads, pastas, cereals, etc.), legumes, nuts, seeds, oils, sweeteners, spices, spreads, dips and sauces, snack foods, dairy alternatives, meat substitutes, and frozen foods. We also offer culinary equipment and a full- service deli and bakery.

Q: Why is membership required?

A: VegCo sources a large number of the products we sell from small farms and micro-growers and producers. In order to maintain a careful balance of supply and demand, we feel it is important to know how many shoppers to expect. Membership is open to the public, anyone can join. This is similar to a buying club.

Q: What kind of pricing structure does VegCo have?

A: Pricing is highly competitive; we expect our members to realize significant savings on their food budgets.

Q: How much does membership cost?

A: The membership fee is $50 annually per household, plus applicable State sales tax. All members who sign up to be part of the Test Member group will have their first annual fee waived in return for the feedback they provide.

Q: How is VegCo minimizing waste?

A: In order to be progressive and environmentally friendly, we are eliminating individual packaging on most foods in the grocery section. Each member refills what they need in containers/sacks they bring from home. VegCo also sells reusable packaging that members may purchase. This measure allows us to be more "green" as well as affordable.

In addition, we are partnered with VermiSoks, a company that has developed a revolutionary process of rapidly converting food waste into an organic farming platform. VegCo members may drop off their food leftovers at VegCo on their weekly grocery shopping trip. All food waste produced by members and within the market, deli and bakery will be used to grow more organic food. This will ensure that hundreds of tons of waste are diverted from landfills on an annual basis.

Q: Is VegCo a Co-Op?

A: In many ways, VegCo is similar to a Co-Op. The design of the store is meant to benefit our community in multiple ways. However, VegCo is not a Co-Op, it is a privately owned triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profits) company; membership does not entitle one to a percentage of ownership.

Q: Does VegCo carry many organic products?

A: VegCo will only sell raw foods that are non-genetically engineered, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free. Items ordered from suppliers whose growing methods we cannot personally inspect will need to carry a USDA Organic or other comparable seal. VegCo does carry a selection of packaged foods that are not certified organic; however, all ingredients are carefully inspected and verified to be Non-GMO.

Q: In what ways is VegCo allergy friendly?

A: VegCo is very aware that many of our shoppers may have allergy concerns. All items containing Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Tree Nuts or Peanuts are clearly and boldly marked, and carefully segregated. We carry many products that are free of all of these ingredients. At VegCo, there will never be a concern about any of the animal based allergens (Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish) because we never sell them or carry any item that may be cross-contaminated with them.

Q: Are all of your products sourced from within Arizona?

A: We source as many of our products from within the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area and the state of Arizona as possible. Arizona, with its diverse climates and terrains, is able to produce an extensive variety of foods, and a large percentage of the items we carry are sourced locally. We are looking to leave as minimal a carbon footprint as possible. If we cannot source a particular item in Arizona, we look to our closest surrounding states for that item. We attempt to order very few items from out of the country.

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